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We are very much looking forward to recruiting highly-motivated undergraduate students, master students, Ph.D. students, postdoctoral researchers, and visiting scholars from a variety of backgrounds, including, but not limited to, Chemistry, Condensed Matter Physics, Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Photonics & Optical Engineering, etc.

Visiting Scholars. We welcome visiting scholars to our group to expand research scopes and learn/teach new techniques. Please feel free to send an E-mail to

Postdoctoral Research Scientists. We encourage highly-motivated, open-minded postdoctoral candidates with experiences in one of these areas: (1) ultrafast spectroscopy, (2) optical microscopy (e.g., scanning confocal, super-resolution), or (3) quantum optics (e.g., g(1) & g(2) correlation optical setup, microcavities) to send an E-mail, including a CV, a Cover Letter, a list of Referees, and a brief description of your current and future research interests, to

Graduate Students. We are thrilled to recruit motivated, open-minded graduate students who have a strong desire to figure out the unknown to our group. In this lab, you will be trained in a very broad range of modern spectroscopies/microscopies, device techniques, and basic programming skills; with such expertise, you will contribute to frontier research in quantum materials. Please start by applying for the graduate program in the Chemistry Department.


Master-program students from other departments (e.g., Physics and Engineering) are also very much encouraged to join us. We strongly encourage incoming/new Ph.D.-/Master-program students interested in the Bai Lab to send an E-mail to to get connected.

Undergraduate Students. There will be plenty of research opportunities for undergraduate students if you are interested in hand-crafting microelectronic devices and optical setups, or programming. Please send an E-mail to to get connected.

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